Dynamic AOP (dipl. thesis)

I am still at the beginning of my diploma thesis. The general idea is to offer virtual machine support for dynamic weaving of aspects. Aspect Oriented Software Engineering is a new design principle. To get familiar with it, I suggest to study the homepage of AspectJ which is a static aspect weaver. Dynamic weaving means that aspects can be enabled and disabled at any time during runtime at any possible joinpoint. As we want to offer a new granularity for joinpoints, namely dynamic structures, I have to implement a new objectmodel for the vm. Also I will implement an efficient approach for dynamic weaving for a just-in-time compiling virtual machine. The vm I extend is the Jikes Research Virtual Machine.

For the current state of the project please refer to the project's homepage. Please pay special attention to the draft of our paper which is currently reviewed by the oopsla committee. You can find it in the publications section.