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Hi, I am Christoph Bockisch. This guy to the upper right is me, but who else should it be? ;-) Let me tell about me and my interests.

Current occupation

I am student of the Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany, my faculty is Computer Sciences. Since Dec. 2002, I am dealing with my diploma thesis (similar to master) and working as a collegiate assistent at the "Software Technology" group.


My elementary school was the "Alte Burgschule". We moved a lot, which is why I went to three secondary comprehensive schools in three different cities: the "Clara-Schuman-Gymnasium" in Bonn, the "Rabanus-Maurus-Gymnasium" in Mainz and the Burggymnasium" in Essen.


I sometimes play squash with friends and started skiing last year. Also since last year, I play in the Softball team of Darmstadt University.


First thing to say is that I play the flugelhorn, which is very similar to a trumpet. My taste regarding music is rather diversified. I like rock, like Nickleback or Creed, Alanis Morisette, Avril Lavigne and especially Phil Collins. Other artists I really like listening to are Vanessa Carlton and Vonda Shepard. In contrast, I also like listening to non-mainstream music, mainly gothic and dark-wave. My most favorite bands from this section are "The Crüxshadows", "Goethes Erben" and "Subway to Sally".


As for the obligatory list of links, this is only a part of my favorite ones:


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